Citroen C3 2018 1200 Gasoline

  • Price per day: €60
  • Category: Utility

Citroën C3

Fancy renting a dynamic and fun vehicle? Choose Citroën C3 for only 60€ per day (VAT included)!

Unique and vibrant design

The Citroën C3 features a fresh, youthful design with flowing lines and distinctive details that make it instantly recognizable. Its compact silhouette and floating roof give the vehicle a modern and distinctive look.

Spacious interior

Inside, the Citroën C3 offers a comfortable and functional environment with generous roominess and ample space for passengers. Its cabin features high-quality materials and thoughtful finishes, creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

Limited consumption

The vehicle offers remarkable fuel economy, with fuel consumption reduced from 6.3 to 7.2 l/100 km.

Rent this car for a journey that combines playful style and practical functionality. Contact us for more information!

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